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“O Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling…”​  Have you ever heard the skirl of the pipes passing in a parade or their mournful sound at a funeral or memorial?  Interested in learning this unique ancient instrument...or maybe the distinctive sounds of the band drums, snare, bass and tenor. Stop by one of our weekly practices to see if you might be interested in pursuing this challenging and fun endeavor.
Bagpipe Lessons Honolulu
Celtic Pipes & Drums of Hawaiʻi holds band practice sessions and practice lessons every Wednesday evening in downtown Honolulu.


The Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaiʻi offer weekly instructional classes for beginners in both bagpiping and drumming. There is a modest fee for lessons and the basic equipment cost is minimal to start learning each instrument.

We meet on Wednesday night in downtown Honolulu. We start at 6:45 pm with practice on chanters and drum pads, then at 7:30 pm pipes and drums.

Please contact the band for additional information.

Bagpipe Practice in Honolulu
Celtic Pipes & Drums of Hawaiʻi chanter practice in March 2020


Experienced pipers and drummers new to Hawaiʻi are always welcome and encouraged to attend one of our practices and speak to the Pipe Major or Drum Sergeant about becoming part of the group. We welcome musicians from civilian, military, police and fire bands.  Of course, new students are always welcome too.

Please feel free contact the band or drop by one of our practices to check us out and meet the group.

Celtic Pipes & Drums of Hawaii at Highland Games Hawaii
Celtic Pipes & Drums of Hawaiʻi at the 2017 Highland Games in Hawaiʻi at McCoy Pavilion.


Bagpipe and Celtic Resources

The Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaiʻi is happy to provide links to the following Celtic organizations that represent many different aspects and traditions of the Scottish and Irish culture in Hawaiʻi. Please click the links below for additional information concerning these fine organizations and associations.

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