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The Band was formed for those with common interests in such things as Irish, Scottish and Welsh music traditions, culture and heritage; bagpiping, drumming, dancing, entertainment and education. The Band embraces the following purposes:

  • To support the Honolulu Police and Honolulu Fire Departments at appropriate ceremonies and functions as requested.
  • To provide entertainment at charity benefits and other civic or military events.
  • To promote Celtic music and culture in Hawaiʻi and to educate the people of Hawaiʻi and Band Members about Celtic music and culture.
  • To provide instruction in bagpiping and drumming.
  • To maintain social enjoyment and camaraderie among Band Members, with each member seeking harmony and unity through cooperation and respect. 



The band kilts are Black Watch tartan, sometimes referred to as Grant Hunting. In 1725, General George Wade, the commander of British forces in North Britain authorized the formation of six independent companies of troops to police the Highlanders. One company was raised by Col William Grant of Ballindalloch. The companies were known locally as the 'Black Watch' and were eventually consolidated to form the 43rd (later 42nd) Royal Highland Regiment. The Independent Companies wore a dark blue, black and green plaid which was woven by over sixty weavers in Strathspey, the country of Clan Grant and is now referred to as the Black Watch tartan.

Blackwatch Tartan

The band wears different uniforms depending on type of performances. The Black Watch tartan kilts are worn with both uniforms. For formal parades and appearances, a military style uniform is worn. Glengarry caps with red feather hackles and the band crest badge are uniform headgear. Uniform shirts are white with black watch shoulder board epaulets. When representing the Honolulu Fire Department, a white shirt with a HFD patch is worn. A horsehair sporran, red and black diced hose, red hose flashes and white spats completes the uniform. Optional individual items include a sgian dubh tucked into the hose tops, a belt worn dirk and a kilt pin.

For informal performances, the band wears a casual signature blue band shirt with band crest, a leather day sporran, ecru hose, red hose flashes and gillie brogues. An optional bush style hat with band crest is worn at times due to the extreme temperatures of Hawaiʻi.

Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaii in white uniforms
Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaiʻi in white uniforms for most events.
Band members in casual signature blue band shirt with band crest for informal events.

Band Members


Dan Quinn
Dan Quinn, Pipe Major
Dan Quinn has been Pipe Major of Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaiʻi since the year of 2000.


Howard Lavy
Howard Lavy, bagpiper, president of Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaii
Tracy Burnham
Drum Sergeant
Tracy Burnham, Quartermaster
Rick Jackson
Rick Jackson, bagpiper
Tina E. Yap
Commitments Officer
Pipe Sergeant 
Tina Yap, Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaii


Jodi Matsuura-Eaves
Jody Eaves, bagpiper
Hardy Spoehr
Hardy Spoehr, bagpiper
Frank Talamentes
Frank Talamentes, bagpiper
Warren Cone
Warren Cone, bagpiper
Scott Walton
Scott Walton, bagpiper
Greg Kim
Greg Kim, Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaii
Masa Yamaguchi
Masa Yamaguchi, bagpiper
Lola Colombe
Lola Colombe, bagpiper
Joe Kindrich
Joe Kindrich, bagpiper
Alan Miyamura
Pipe Corporal
Alan Miyamura
Chuck Jamison
Chuck Jamison
Patrick Roberts
Pipe Corporal
Patrick Roberts
Karen Thompson
Karen Thompson
Pomaikai Wee
Pomaka'i Wee, bagpiper
Larry Coleman
Pipe Major Emeritus
Lary Coleman Pipe Major Emeritus


Joe Miller
Joe Miller, Drum Major
Joe Miller has been Drum Major of Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaiʻi since 2017.


Lisa Gomes
Lisa Gomes, drums
Kristin McNab
Kristin McMab
Alf Schneider
Alf Schneider
Matt Bauer
Matt Bauer
Sita Menor
Sita Menor
Beth MacNeil
Liz MacNeil

Band Chaplains

Sr. Roberta Derby, SND
Deceased 1996
Sr. Roberta Derby, SND
Fr. Richard Rubie
Fr. Richard Rubie

Associate Members

An Associate Band Member is an invited individual who supports band activities.  Associate Membership is recommended for members permanently leaving Hawai'i or unable to participate as a regular band member.

Rick Cuthbertson
Brian Loomis
Daniel Eisen
Bill Morrison
Carol Anne Gordon
Kevin Richards
Mike Hudgins
Dan Sinclair

Honorary Members

Honorary Band Members are those selected individuals who have demonstrated outstanding support for the band. 

James Browne
Jori Chisholm
Bill Comerford
Ian Howarth
Mike Medeiros
Don & Marion Murphy
Jay Neibuhr
Father Richard Rubie
Gregg Fraser
David Walker
Jason Bensan

In Memoriam

We pause to remember our former members who departed our band family too soon.  We will always remember and honor their memory for their service and dedication to our band.  May they rest in peace.


A.J. "Frap" Frappia
Pipe Sergeant
Deceased 1999
AJ Frappia, bagpiper Hawaii
Dr. John "Doc" Sheedy
Pipe Sergeant
Deceased 2003
Dr John Sheedy, bagpiper Hawaii
Gary Kanaya
Deceased 2000
Gary Kanaya, Bagpiper Hawaii
David MacKay
Deceased 2006
David Mackay, Bagpiper Hawaii
Brent MacNab 
Deceased 2012
Brent MacNab Bagpiper
Stuart Cowan
Deceased 2018
Stuart Cowan Drummer
Tomiko Salz
Deceased 2006
Tomiko Salz Drummer
Joyce Finley
Deceased 2010
Joyce Finley Bagpiper
David Reid
Deceased 2006
David Reid Bagpiper
Douglas Gibb
Deceased 2012
Douglass Gibb
David Graham
Bagpiper and Drummer
David Graham bag pipes
William “Bill” Hart
Drum Major
Deceased 2020
William “Bill” Hart   Drum Major
Joe O’Hannigan
Drum Major
Deceased 2021
Joe O’Hannigan Drum Major
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